Eclipse RDF4J - Working with RDF in Java

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Speaker: Jeen Broekstra

Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020

Time: 07:00:00 New York EDT, Berlin 13:00:00 CEST, Melbourne 21:00:00 AEST Time Zone

Location: Webcast zoom

Chapter: Global

Attendees: 37


Eclipse RDF4J is a powerful open source Java framework for processing and handling of RDF (Resource Description Framework) data. This includes creating, parsing, reasoning and querying over data. RDF4J offers an easy-to-use API (Application Programming Interface) that is compatible with leading third party RDF database solutions. Furthermore RDF4J allows you to connect with SPARQL endpoints and create applications that leverage the power of Linked Data and the Semantic Web. Originally developed as part of an EU Semantic Web research project called "On-To-Knowledge" that ran from 1999 to 2002 it was known as OpenRDF Sesame until it changed its name, after officially forking into the Eclipse project RDF4J in May 2016.

But RDF4J is now more than an easy-to-use API, it provides a variety of productivity features, content publishing and search infrastructure for RDF in the form of in-memory and build-in disk based storage solutions for local persistence and use in the cloud.

In this webcast, we will introduce you to RDF4J in more detail and give examples on how you can use it effectively to build applications and new data services.

Jeen Broekstra is a Principal Software Engineer at metaphacts based in Melbourne Australia. Metaphacts specializes in the development of tools to allow its customers to rapidly build data-driven, end-user facing applications. Jeen has been a core developer of RDF4J and is with the project since its early Sesame days.


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