Linked Data With Ruby and RDF.rb

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Date: June 18, 2015

Location: KONA - Conference Room - Berlin Office, Berlin, Germany


This will be a hands-on overview for producing, consuming and working with linked data using the RDF.rb framework and the Ruby programming language.

Topics covered include:

• Understanding the RDF.rb object model, learning how to manipulate RDF terms, statements and graphs

• Parsing and serializing RDF data in popular serialization formats such as Turtle, JSON-LD, and RDFa

• Creating and publishing RDF data using popular Ruby-based webframeworks such as Sinatra

• Storing RDF data using RDF.rb's various repository backends,including an SQL backend

• Querying local RDF repositories using RDF.rb's native SPARQL engine

• Accessing and updating remote SPARQL endpoints using RDF.rb's SPARQL client

Given that this will be a hands-on session, please make sure to bring your laptop! To follow along, you should have your favorite text editor as well as Ruby 2.0+ ( installed on your laptop.

In addition to the RDF.rb framework (, we will also be using the Sinatra web framework(

Our Speaker will be Arto

Arto is a core developer of the RDF.rb linked data framework for the Ruby programming language, as well as a co-founder of Dydra (, the RDF and SPARQL cloud database service. Previously, he played a central role in incorporating linked data technologies into the Drupal content management system.

Session-Type: Technology-Coding-Tools
Session-Level: Intermediate-Advanced