Unconference: NLP, Text Analytics, and Semantic Technologies

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Date: 10/29/2012
Time: 9 am to noon
Lotcation: 301 Battery Street, 3rd floor, in San Francisco

Seth Grimes (@sethgrimes) is going to host a free, open, half-day unconference event -- participants organize the program -- on natural language processing, text analytics, and semantic technologies, Monday morning, October 29, 9 am to noon. It will be held at the San Francisco Bar Association conference space, at 301 Battery Street in San Francisco.

We'll have a special guest on hand, Dr. Diana Maynard of the GATE team at the Univ. of Sheffield. (Diana will present a Practical Sentiment Analysis tutorial that afternoon in the same space, part of the October 30 Sentiment Analysis Symposium. (code MEETUP gets you $100 off)

If you've RSVPed Yes but are not going to make it, please change your response. And please do check out my Sentiment Analysis Symposium, slated for that afternoon and the next day, if you haven't already. We're offering a $100 discount via the registration code MEETUP.

if you would like to present, your presentation title, and the amount of time you'd prefer. Panels could work as well. My aims are to make sure we have presenters and to hack out some semblance of order. Researchers, business users, developers, and solution providers are all invited to attend and propose presentations. Panels or guided discussions are also a possibility. Post your ideas bellow:

Presentation Proposals

  • Diana Maynard - GATE Mimir - Answering Questions Google can't
  • Marco Neumann - Semantic Web, Linked Data & NLP
  • Mike Bobak - [bit.ly/TP8gfz Large Linked Data & Large Graph Processing]
  • Miriam R. L. Petruck -
  • Jim Nolan -
  • Seth Grimes
  • David Schoenbach
  • Bob Kirby
  • Vsevolod Gavrilyuk - Semantic Force - Semantic Technology market in Russia
  • Liana Ye - Y&D
  • David Schorr - TipSense food semantics / dishtip